Falck Foundation

Reseach Grants

The Falck Foundation hereby calls for applications for grants for research projects.

The objectives of the FALCK FOUNDATION are to support scientific research and education targeting all aspects of prehospital care delivery including:

  • quality metrics and measurement strategies
  • administration, logistics and operations
  • effectiveness and safety of clinical care delivered by prehospital careproviders
  • scope of practice of prehospital care providers
  • education and training of prehospital care providers
  • cost effectiveness of prehospital care delivery
  • national healthcare policy, legislative frameworks and financial models
  • related to prehospital care delivery

Type of support that can be applied for in connections with projects that:

  • Fully financing of projects
  • Co-financing of projects
  • Facilitating contact to the Falck Group

Grants and support

To support the objectives of the Falck Foundation we will provide a number of grants that can fully finance or co-finance research projects. In addition to this the Falck Foundation can facilitate contacts to the Falck Group and subsidiary companies.

Falck Foundation is especially interested in funding pilot studies and studies of a duration of up to one year. The typical amount of support varies, but is in the range of up to 50,000 EUR.

Call for application

Application deadlines are 1st April, 1st August and 1st December.

After receiving the application, a technical review will determine, if the application is fit to be sent to the Medical Advisory Board. You can see the technical evaluation criteria here.

The Medical Advisory Board meets 3 times each year to determine which applications are selected for funding. Your application will be scored according to the attached evaluation criteria.


Applications must be sent as an electronic document as an e-mail attachment to the Falck Foundation secretariat. You can download the application form here.


To demonstrate the approval of your supporting institution, you are required to enclose a small declaration, along with the application. The template declaration can be found here.


If Falck Foundation decides to support your project, we would need to sign a contract between Falck Foundation and your Supporting Institution. The template for this contract is attached here.


Comments and questions for Falck Foundations secretariat:

Falck Foundation • Trindsøvej 4-10 • 8000 Aarhus C • Denmark • E-mail: