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The Falck Scientific Abstract Award Winners


Sophus Falck Abstract Award (EuSEM)
Tracy Lian et. al (Singapore)
Effect of vertical location on survival outcomes for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Singapore.

Sophus Falck Abstract Award (ICEM)
Tohira, H et. al. (AUS) for an abstract titled “Risk of representation or death in patients discharged at the scene by paramedics”.

Sophus Falck Abstract Award (EMS2016)
Claesson, Andreas (SE) for an abstract titled “Potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to save lives in simulated out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest”


Sophus Falck Abstract Award (EuSEM)
Nicolaj Raaber et. al. (DK) “Telemedicine consultation with physician at the emergency medical center from ambulances enables emergency medical technicians to treat-and-leave more patients – a before and after pilot study."


Sophus Falck Abstract Award (EuSEM)
Tracey Barron et. al. (UK, USA) "Using EMS telephone triage data to assess the amount of ambulance resources saved through telephone triage".


Sophus Falck Abstract Award (ICEM):

Dr. Paul Simpson (Australia) “Non-Transport Of Older Fallers Following Paramedic Attendance Is Associated With Increased Mortality: A Linked Data Analysis”


Sophus Falck Abstract Award:

Dr. Christian Hohenstein et. al. for an abstract with the title “Accuracy of diagnosing sepsis and early antibiotic treatment in the pre-hospital setting”


1. Sophus Falck Abstract Award:

Dr. Paul Jennings (Australia) et. al. "Morphine and Ketamine for out-of-hospital analgesia".

2. Sophus Falck Award for best overall paper:

Dr. Ed Oakley (Australia): "Prospective randomized trial comparing nasogastric with intravenous hydration in children with bronchiolitis"


1. Sophus Falck Prehospital Prize:

Dr. Marcus Ong (Singapore) for a ”Nationwide Study to improve door-to-balloon Times in Patients with Acute ST Elevation Myorcardial Infarction requiring primary percutaneous coronary Intervention using prehospital ECG Transmision”

2. Sophus Falck Award:

Professor Carlo Locatelli (Italy) et al.: “Acute Pneumonia after accidental fuel Ingestion in Adults: A Prospective Study”.


1. Falck Foundation Award for Best paper in Emergency Pre Hospital Care:  

Dr Janet E Bray (Australia), for the paper entitled:  "Has Introducing 400 Compressions Before Mouth-to-Mouth Improved Rates of Bystander CPR And Outcomes In Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest?"

2. Falck Foundation Award for Overall Best Paper:

Dr Chad Cannon (USA), for the paper entitled: "Improving Outcomes In Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Results of a Prospective Multicentre Collaborative"

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